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Looking for something different in your wedding ceremony ? AND with the right photographer you will get gorgeous pictures. 

The hand fasting was an old tradition that goes way back. 

Here are my thoughts ….  

Once upon a time people lived off the land.  They were in small towns or living out on farms or villages.  There was not always a priest around so … couples would declare their love for each other in front of whoever was around.   The witnesses were probably family and neighbors.  They used a cord or scarves to tie their hands together. 

Since you can’t tie your hands yourself they had to incorporate help. The person they asked to do it might have been a shaman type ? Often people would and still do worship nature. 

In doing this as a public declaration we know … that they knew what they were doing.  In those times marriage was a lifetime commitment.  You just didn’t get out of it like today.  It wasn’t socially acceptable to be married several times unless you were a widow.  By inviting guests you are making your love statement so the whole community knew you were hitched for life.   And it's no fun to do this by yourselves.  It's much more fun to have others to celebrate with. 

Today we build upon the tradition with a non-religious version.   No hailing of the Mother Nature as god. I would never call myself a goddess and would never want to freak your family out.  This ceremony is a beautiful visual representation of the vows as promises and the physical cords or ribbons as binding.  

Personally Speaking

I’ve been to a Cemetery in Iowa and have seen the title “Consort” on a family head stone.  Apparently this means that an Aunt never had a proper marriage.  The family record says that the Holy Man never got around to those parts.  I wonder what their public declaration was like ? 

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What to Look For When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Wedding Dress Details & Great Photography

What ever you have been told by guides written on how to hire a photographer are somewhat right.

However most of them don't tell you what to look for.  There are many photographers out there that you cannot see any details in the wedding dress and black suits.

Its hard to shoot weddings because the white dress reflects so much light back.  Some people think that its a popular style.  We know that it is usually a inexperienced photographer who hasn't learned how to control the camera yet. 

Its a good rule of thumb when choosing your professionals to look at the images on their website.

If there more than 3 shots of the bride (in one photo shoot) with the wedding dress blown out (can't see any detail of the fabric or embellishments on the dress) BEWARE.  Photographers always show their best shots - so the majority of their shots in one shoot may look like that.

Blacks are also to be looked at in the shots.  If your blacks are so black you cannot see same details mentioned above ... it means that the photographer had to darken the image because it was way too light. 

There is a skill to shooting brides outside in the bright light.  A skilled photographer will be able to over come the light using his knowledge of the camera and settings.  He or She will also know how to set up the subjects for great posed shots and the best position for the camera to be in for candid shots.


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Do Friends and Family Make Good Wedding Photographers ? Moments to Just anyone

Don't Believe that Phones or iPads or even a friend or family member who owns a really good professional camera will get great shots.   Yes they may hand you a stack of Pictures but .... 

are they going to be at the right place at the right time to capture the golden moments that happen throughout the wedding.  Location & Timing is everything. 

So many Brides Have spent most of their Money on what will be their dream wedding,  Flowers, Expensive DJ's,  best Wine, Open Bar,  Dinner plates.  Not to mention the Venue,  Cake,  The Dress.   But every moment that passes is gone forever, never seen again.  Your Memories of that day will last forever.  But  your Children and their Children's, Children should  see them.  Your Dress may Hang in your closet for Years to come.  I truly tell you in over a 1000 Weddings only one Bride who wore her mothers original vintage wedding dress.    It Just happened I was a guest with only my little point and shoot, at this wedding  but did capture some great shots.  

GUEST WHAT  ?      About 2 months later she had traced me down and asked if I had any good shots,  She didn't get the quality of photos she had hoped for,  from a friend who owned a very nice camera.            Yes I did !  I Edited them and gave them to her.

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