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ARIZONA WEDDING - PHOTOGRAPHER got started, due to the lack of quality, lets just say results of seeing Photographers miss shots, not being in the right location at the right time.

Watching them shoot precious moments from afar, from bad angles.
I know they missed Golden expressions, tears, emotions, the scenes passed, gone forever, no chance to ever capture the memories again. From the Ministers position Who sees all, having a great understanding of the Passion & LoVe generated At any wedding, I quickly saw that NOT all Photographer's are meant to be "WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS"

Having started with as 35mm camera 28 years ago , I Could see and understand the need for a Quality Photographer. Telling my Youngest son the stories of a Wedding Photographer and his blunders. He suggested to me, to get my Camera an JUST SHOOT IT ! He Knew that I could do Better.

Arizona Wedding-Photographer came to be.
Our Wedding Ceremony count last year was over 170 weddings. I was very busy Capturing the Golden Memories. Soon I needed to find a second shooter. The search was on, the response was great. The quality was poor. People posing as Real Photographers holding really nice cameras, But no control of what they shot, and no desire to learn how to be better.
The Photographers I found were unable to produce predictable quality photos. Some out of focus, the beautiful sky and dress BLOWN out, No details to be seen in the images.

My First Mission is simple Now
I will carry on Photographing Weddings Myself, capturing memories, golden moments, returning the LoVe Joy and Excitement of Your wedding day to be reviewed and shared with all who were not there,. The Memories to be passed on for generations, to your Children, and their Children's Children.

My Mission #2
To Inspire,Train and Lead students in the Skilled ART of Photography using Arizona Wedding-Photographer   Instructional Workshops. These photography workshops will Instruct them how to control their camera, Correctly Focus and expose each shot correctly, Allowing them the ability to Capture, create & design

W O W Images.  Arizona Wedding-Photographer Instructional Workshops

Are designed to give students the skills to apply their own personal Inventiveness ... Inspiration ... Perception ... while Motivating them to advance their own Brand & style, therefore creating their own

W o W Images.
Allow me to Photograph Your Wedding I Promise You Priceless Memories that Live for Generations